The Science of Strength

The aging process can really take a toll on our bodies.  Individuals who were once lean, active, and thriving can, over the course of a decade or so, become weaker, more susceptible to things like osteoporosis, high blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels, diminished balance and strength, and weight gain.  Why does this happen?

The culprit is age-related loss of muscle mass, or sarcopenia.  After the age of 40, the average adult loses 10% of their muscle mass each decade!  This phenomenon has been identified as the root of unhealthy aging.  The loss of lean muscle mass in the body leads to things like insulin resistance, chronic whole-body inflammation, fat accumulation, and compromised health and vitality

The Science of Strength - The Exercise Coach

The Problem

Take a look at the top of the graphic above.  What you are looking at is a cross-section of two women's thighs, one woman being in her thirties, and the other in her seventies.  While these two women have identical body mass indexes, and may even wear the same size pants, their bodies are functioning very differently.  

While the woman in her seventies may still be able to do things like walk or ride a bike, she is not able to perform more demanding tasks with the same ease because she lacks type 2 muscle fibers, the kind that make us strong.

Why Strength Loss Matters

Do you identify with any of the conditions caused by decreased muscle mass?  If so, it's time to do something about it!  It's time to restore strength and take back control of your health.

How to Restore Strength

We have great news for you.  You can combat muscle loss and restore your strength, and it takes less time than you think.  The Exercise Coach exists to help people to change the way they age by coaching clients through high effort, (yet extremely safe) strength and interval exercise routines customized to their exact ability level.  We call our strength and interval training the Smart20 workout, as it is powered by the most advanced technology in the fitness industry which allows our coaches to track and prove your progress.  With just two, 20-minute workouts a week, our clients are able to achieve the results that matter most to them.  These results are made possible because our clients reactivate and regenerate the muscle mass needed to combat chronic health conditions and enjoy strength.

Want to live longer, look leaner, and be stronger?  We invite you to try your very own customized Smart20 workout, designed based on your unique muscular makeup and ability levels.  Take control of your health, and age well with The Exercise Coach!  Submit your information below to try it free!